Confidence. The art of letting go.

When we decide that we want to create change, step into something bigger and bolder and take new risks in life and love the chances are pretty high that when the time comes to act, we won’t be feeling it.

I love the sentiment found in model Julia Hafstrom’s words; “YOU just have  to let it go”.
One of the most significant choices we can make is to put a grinding holt to caring about what other people think. We can spend our whole lives comparing  and dwelling in the concern of others or decide to let it go, freeing us to become the best version of ourselves and discovering what we are capable of.
Getting stuck in comparison seems to be the nemesis of women across the world and confidence’s biggest opponent.
Comparison is indiscriminate and beauty, brains (or both), social status and  ‘instafame’ offer no guarantee of it’s absence.

But there is good news.  It is absolutely, 100% subject to choice….. and It’s all yours.



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