ITS THE pure luxury of coming home after a long days work and slipping into something more comfortable.
Its a lazy Sunday morning spent reading until all of a sudden it’s wine time.
It’s swanning around the house in something that is weightless and chic simply because you can.
It’s the essence of luxurious european style and it takes you away without needing to step a foot outside and the perfect companion when you do.
It’s richness is found in it’s simplicity.

Welcome to the world of Robe, and their second collection

‘It’s always summer somewhere’.

This project can only be described as the unlocking of a dream.
From the location in the Byron Bay Hinterlands that literally took my breath away (we have since joked about the development of an unhealthy obsession #jokingnotjoking), to the team who came together with absolute and perfect synergy on the day, and of course, all of this made possible with the beautiful Robe designs that seemed destined to find their belonging in our surroundings.

Thank you Bec, Ben, Isobel, Grace, Flynn, Fanny, Ashlea, and Shannon, for the opportunity to bring this campagin to life alongside you…… lets keep chasing those endless summers….

#nothinglessthanchic xo

Photography by Grace Elizabeth Images, assisted by Flynn Graham
Hair and Make Up by Ashlea Penfold, assisted by Shannon JJ Williams
Talent, Model and Muse, Fanny Nylander from Que Models
Robettes Sophia and Coco
Styling by me, Jenni Sellan

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