BREAKING THE RULES and creating new ones. The tone of the moment in business and every other facet of life! If we are not disrupting then we ought to be.

When it comes to fashion, we have stolen from the boys,  given our gym gear, a shiny new label called athleisure (making it more than acceptable to wear leggings out to brunch) and sequins for some time now have been officially out of the night closet and determined completely appropriate for day.

Style rules will always befriend those who consider themselves born without a fashionable green thumb, but if you are willing to apply a little bit of courage and take an element of risk when it comes to your style choices, chances are you will begin to feel completely liberated as you are released from the pressure to be on trend,  managing the many micro-moments of whats hot and what’s not in fashion.

Developing your own personal style is the key to looking great, especially at a time when the basic rules of dressing are more blurred than ever, and as you learn to unlearn the rules, you will discover the ones you like and the ones you are ready to toss out with the 80’s even if a denim on denim comeback is declared. denim

Reveal your inner style goddess and decide for yourself…but if you need a gentle push in the right direction, here are some of my favourite rules that you can be freed from immediately,  if you so choose, perfectly scribed by Kirstie Clements over at The New Daily

Having lots and lots of things
A well-edited wardrobe makes life so much simpler, when you know that everything you reach for fits well, looks good, and you feel comfortable in.

Wearing high heels to fancy events
Long gowns often look much more chic with flats or a sandal, plus you’ll feel more relaxed.

The fact that your bra is showing
Just make sure it is a pristine, attractive bra and then it just becomes part of the outfit.

Wearing a favourite item over and over again
The idea is that when you invest in something, and you love it, you are creating your own vintage pieces.

Be Free. Remain Curious. Fashion. It was always meant to be fun

#nothinglessthanchic xo

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