blazers with everything

WE ALL KNOW that a blazer over a tee and a pair of jeans is foolproof; style 101 for every girl. It’s not new and it’s not ground-breaking but in my opinion, a blazer and a blow-dry will take you anywhere.

When we talk about forever pieces in fashion, it can almost sound a bit blazè; a little boring…. and while they tend not to be the pieces that we get particularly excited about,  in all honestly, these are exactly the pieces you should be head over heels for, because without them, the glitz and the glam in your wardrobe may never truly come together as it should.

On more than one occasion I have succumbed to the whisper of the gorgeous and the glamorous; those statement pieces that have an irresistible charm. And on more than one occasion they have, let’s just say been sitting pretty in the wardrobe, all dressed up with nowhere to go….or more to the point, no-one to go with!

As a stylist, I am determined to give new meaning to the essentials; to give them the attention they deserve and to demonstrate how they can be the foundation and the finisher.

Starting with the blazer.

These images captured at Paris Fashion Week Fall17 by The Impression,  say everything else there has to be said on the matter. Yep, it’s not just sneakers with everything….

For every girl who has ever said I have nothing to wear…. start with a blazer…. and a blow-dry!

#nothinglessthanchic xo

impression blazer theimpressionlowe

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