THE EPITOME has always been and will always be the Burberry trench and there will be no argument from me about that!
As modern as it is classic, the trench coat is a piece forever.

Neutral hues mark the tradition in light-weight, durable fabrics, but if that leaves you feeling a little beige, consider denim or even leather in deep burgundy or green for personal impact.

Loose, layered, tied front or back, the trench is the ultimate finisher. It is the piece that screams style and you will never look more put together.

Elevate the basics; give your jeans and tee the ultimate lift; wrap it with boots and protect yourself from the elements, let it be the final layer that completes your look and if you dare, channel your inner screen siren and make it complete with the single addition of a killer stiletto.

Whether you are in Sydney, Milan, Paris, New York or London…this is a global style staple that will be the answer when you desperately need one. Invest. And just in case you need a little more convincing, be inspired from these street-style snaps from our favourite fashion capitals around the world. Who can argue with that?

The trench. A forever piece, always chic, always modern, always the answer.

styelsnoooperdancom trench 

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