BY NO MEANS am I addicted to Marie Kondo. I have indulged a little, but I’m definitely sitting on the healthy side of the habit.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to me earlier this week when the words “No Joy Here” fell out of my mouth in response to pulling on a pair of jeans that I thought I would be excited to wear, particularly with a slight  drop in temperature after a week of horrendous humidity and impossible hair days.

Confidently slipping into what I believed to be a faithful old pair of jeans, (and lets be honest, great jeans feel like your most loyal friend), the second the zip was up and the button fastened, it became immediatley apparant that we no longer needed to share wardrobe space. These needed kicking to the curb…. (or at the very least donating).

Instantly I heard myself say out loud, “no joy here”, and the decision was made. Who knew these three small words could be so effective?

Where there’s no joy, there is no need for it in my life. Welcome, clarity.
This is a pair of jeans. It is not a relationship that I have invested heavily into which needs a little more time before disgarding it.  They are jeans people, jeans!  Recognising the ‘no joy’ factor made letting them go ridiculously simple. Nothing complicated about it.

Your wardrobe isn’t something that should cause you grief and I know that sometimes for many of you, it represents the enemy as you stare into what feels like the black hole.
Making friends with your wardrobe can take time, but my money is on assessing the ‘joy’ factor as a great place to start.

#nothinglessthanchic (and a whole lot of joy)

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