Jeans, anytime, anywhere and any way. Take a Parisienne’s jeans out of her closet and she feels stark naked” (How to be Parisian wherever you are).
In a previous article I wrote for Stylehunter, I talked about the universal language of denim which speaks to us season after season. For most women I know, a great pair of denim jeans is considered a lifestyle essential, and for most women I know, shopping for a new pair of jeans is up there with buying a new pair of swimmers….a necessary and unavoidable evil.

The denim landscape is vast and while some may consider it an indigo haven, with so many styles, cuts and washes, the sheer choice of it all can be overwhelming, so we have put together a few tips on reducing the pain…. who knows, with this check list, you might even enjoy the process.

Quality time. Finding the right pair of jeans takes time. Allow yourself a good 45 minutes to an hour within a store that has a great selection of brands and  price points. Be prepared to try on multiple pairs. Our bodies change, our style changes. What worked for you previously may not be your best option now, and on the flip side, that style you thought you could never wear might turn out to be AMAZING on you.
Finding the right pair will be a process of elimination so a good sales person or style advisor will be able to help you narrow it down. ps: leave the babes at home..both big and small!

Practice your Squats. That’s right.  When you have your jeans on in the fitting room, test your ability to sit and squat in them. We need to move, and ensure that we are not exposing too much skin when we do so. There is also this minor point of being able to breathe – we have all been advised at one time or another to buy the jeans one size too small. My suggestion is to buy them firm. (The gap between your body and the waist of the jean should be no smaller than an inch)
Having to turn yourselves inside out just to get into your jeans is less than ideal.

Focus on fit and feel. Try not to get fixated on size. A size 10 in one brand, is a size 12 in another. You are more than a number! It’s how you feel that counts.

Invest. Buy the best you can afford. The right pair of jeans is an investment… and if that’s not enough incentive, ask yourself when you want to be back in that fitting room…

According to Karl, (Lagerfeld) “You can be the chicest thing in a T-shirt and jeans”, so choose well, buy well, and rock it!

Denim. It’s Nothing less than chic xo


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