You’re in the business of looking good. And right or wrong, expectations run high when it comes to how you look and as my resident expert Casey so perfectly puts it, even when your tired, even when you finished shooting at 2am and even when you’ve come off a 20-hour flight! #brutalandtrue

So God bless our beauty angel for her practical, quick an easy make up hacks (that actually work) for looking fresh “without needing to attend a make up academy for 6 months “. 

This right here is for EVERY girl you know…. on and off the runway, so be kind and share the love!

1. Make sure you get your eyebrows professionally tended to on a regular basis. 
I recommend threading but whatever floats your boat. If your brows are in a tidy state your job is half done. Brush the hairs up, fill in the gaps with SMALL BRUSH LIKE STROKES. Don’t colour in like a toddler! Then brush them up again. If they’re a bit unruly apply a setting gel or wax. Super simple and a great budget option is soapbrows.

2. Conceal under your eyes, on your eyelids, around your nose and on any blemishes. 
BE CONSERVATIVE. You just want to knock out any redness or discolouration. No mask of foundation required! IF you are desperate for a bit more coverage apply a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser before the concealer.

3. Apply a good quality mascara. 
I think there are things you should splurge on (skincare, foundation, mascara) and things you can skimp on (blush, eyeshadow, lipstick) My faves are YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils, Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance and MAC Cosmetics Haute & Naughty Lash.

4. Lastly apply some colour to your cheeks. 
Your natural skin tone will determine whether you go for a bronzer or a traditional pink etc… What’s more important though is your placement. The higher you pop the flush of colour the better as it is a more youthful, fresh look. Creams or liquid blush is a winner in my book. They’re more natural, build-able, and easier to work into your skin. As I mentioned you don’t have to smash your bank balance on blushers- a lipstick is an excellent multi-tasker.
(And its ‘last’ because you’ll need to add all of this to your beauty bag). 

Written for All My Friends Are Models
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Image by @elsadillonphotographer; HMUA by @caseyhillcreative
& Styling by Gemma Dillon @gemgemstylinG

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