Have you ever seen a more confident squad than the Victoria’s Secret girls, correction, angels…winking their way down the runway?
Unashamedly owning every step in front of an audience of  just over a cool 9 million across 185 countries, the type of confidence these girls exude draws you in. It’s captivating and I cannot help but wonder where this level of confidence comes from. Are they just born with it?
It’s tempting to think that it has everything to do with being skinny, and beautiful – or in the words of model Cameron Russell, “winning the genetic lottery” with perfectly thin pins and faces that are picture perfect even on their worst day.
But in her infamous TED Talk, Cameron Russell also suggested that models are (physically) the most insecure girls probably on the face of the planet and as much as we might think how much easier life would be if we ‘looked like that’, to Cameron’s point, if you are having to think about how you look EVERY single day., knowing your career depends on it,  it’s easy to see how insecurity becomes a part of the picture.

So maybe skinny has nothing to do with it at all, which is actually perfect because it means that in the same way that insecurity touches everyone, on the flip side, confidence can belong to anyone, regardless of size, success or beauty.  Even if we have to fake it until we become it.

The more of life I experience, the more I realise that confidence is a choice. The more you practice, the more natural it becomes. Challenge yourself, get out of your own way, shake up your routine , and who knows, what once may have been terrifying, might actually become exhilarating giving you a much needed confidence boost.

Who knows, you might even channel an angel. xo

Dreaming of becoming an angel this year ;)

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