By Dave Blake

Sultry Summer days, tousled perfectly ‘undone’ hair, subtle hints of being kissed by the sun…..oh the romance of summer….
And then the reality of the heat wave kicks in with humidity destroying any sense of a perfectly undone flowing mane and an innocent little nap in the sun has resulted in a whole lot more than a summertime glow and pink has become your new shade of golden.

The reality of an Australian summer is that it can be both beautiful and harsh and the key to keeping the long romantic days as fabulous as they sound is simplicity. With a few simple changes to your beauty routine, staying cool and keeping it chic is possible and these 4 beauty shortcuts will have your glowing in no time.

#1. Invest in a tinted moisturiser.
We have all experienced the make-up melt and while foundation for summer has it place, you are best to opt for a much lighter version, especially on the weekends where your work ‘face’ is not required.
For the summer months, consider a tinted moisturiser;  it will even out your complexion and  you won’t feel totally naked.

#2 For that subtle sun-kissed glow, Bronzer is your best friend, but make sure you choose the right shade and tone for your skin.

#3 Swap out your regular mascara for a waterproof or water resistant version; No more panda eyes after a spontaneous dip in the pool!

#4 Bring out a coral lip; it’s the perfect shade for summer and very complimentary against a golden glow.

Keep it simple, It’s nothing less than chic xo

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