Ask Ava what her favourite outfit is at the moment and this is it hands down, no questions asked and to be honest, I am not  surprised.

We all have that one ‘go to’ outfit that is easy to pull together, we feel great in it, and we don’t have to think about it.

So Miss Ava, what is it about this outfit that you love so much?

“It’s nice and light. I don’t like clothes that feel  bulky. I feel pretty and “cool” at the same time. I can do whatever I like in this outfit and I totally feel like myself. I love the pants… I know they are not leather, but they kind of look like it!

This brings us to the last of our posts this week, so I had a chat to Ava about her first “blogging” experience and what she enjoyed the most.

“The outfits were fun and I loved putting everything together and being able to decide on what I thought was best. It was also fun spending time with my Mum on this little project. She inspires me to be creative.

The outfit in this post is definitely my favourite but I especially love the boots that I wore with everything. They are really comfortable and stylish and the best thing is I can PLAY in them.

It was also fun having my photo taken and I enjoyed moving around and playing and not just ‘posing’.

Doing this with my Mum made me feel very special. xo

Thanks Miss Ava. You truly are my mini version of chic xo


Outfit – Witchery Kids


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