KIND.SIR. This is a love story. A love for the bespoke, the perfected and the personalised with an enduring commitment to timeless
style and the promise of an adventurous forever.

There is something special about the abiding quality of a bespoke piece,  but more than that, when shared as a gift, it really says, ‘I thought of you’ and thank goodness, Mark, and Stacey, the creatives behind KIND SIR did just that, thought of you.

KIND SIR offers a selection of beautifully crafted and personalised leather made goods & accessories including luxe luggage tags, key rings, bookmarks, leather clutches and wallets and the most beautiful gift for the newborn babe, the bambino keepsake tag;

This season though, there is a fabulous new addition to this gorgeous collection,  one which I just can’t do without and that is the introduction of the new Anouk Rattan Backpack, complete with your own personalised leather tag.
This design duo have mastered the art of combining the treasured and the new with effortless style; a current must-have bag paired with an age-old craft steeped in tradition; hand stitched and made with love and customised with you and your favourites in mind.
This is the pefect gift, from you and to you!

In their own words, Stacey and Mark describe the Anouk Rattan Backpack as“natural, effortless & (dare I say it) practical;  a relaxed, take-anywhere style crafted from raw rattan palms and handmade ethically by local village women in Ubud, Bali. With generous black cotton drawstring straps and re-enforced round base, The Anouk will become your go-to for every adventure”.

When style and practicality collide it’s as if the fashion fairies have given us a ‘knowing’ wink; this is definitely one of those occasions. Perfect for your weekend away or quick trips to the market, this piece is the ultimate addition to your summer capsule collection and promises to add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Whether you are swishing about in your favourite summer dress, or barefoot on the beach, this is the bag that will join you on your endless summer chase.

So a wink back to you KIND SIR, with love from every stylish girl out there ready to add a touch of luxe to her next adventure. xo

Kind Sir #toloveandadventure







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