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SO I bumped into this babe at an event earlier this year when she and another gorgeous friend of hers rescued me from talking to the walls.
I have no doubt that some of you, in fact many of you will already be following Ellen over at her uber fun and stylish blog, The stylist Mama and for those of you who have not yet met her I promise she will soon become your new crush.
There are loads of Mama’s out there who are trying to strike that elusive balance between staying true to themselves, maintaining a sense of ‘style’ and meeting the needs of their families without feeling, well, you know, ‘mumsy’…
It’s a constant juggle and way too often I see women putting themselves at the bottom of the pile, so if you need a little lift and some inspiration, read my interview with this stylish babe and I promise you will find the momentum you need to put your style back on.  Meet Ellen. The Stylist Mama.


Jen: “You obviously have a great sense of style that connects with a lot of women, and in particular Mums.
When you became a Mum did your approach to dressing change? Would you say your style has shifted from where it was when you were babe free”?

TSM: “Absolutely! When I was working pre baby my style was pretty strong. I am a hairdresser, so for starters I always wore black. Not because I had too, just because I love it. It’s so polished and powerful. When I became a mum my style totally changed because I could be so much more casual and feminine. I still wear a lot of black, but I wear a lot more white and flirty frilly dresses now (and flats hehe)”.

Jen: “So, you are a hair stylist, business owner, style blogger, and Mama. What’s your go to outfit on your busiest of days?

TSM: “At the moment, I live in simple outfits, like dresses and playsuits or a denim skirt and a tee shirt, these kind of clothes are ideal because I just know they suit me and it’s an entire outfit in one piece.
I have about 5 minutes of silence to get ready these days, so my hair is usually up and off my face, I slip something on that I don’t have to think too much about or have to find different things that match, and off we go. Even my makeup is down to a 3 step/ 2 minute routine”.

Jen “What are your thoughts on “athleisure? Is it acceptable to wear it out to coffee? (If you haven’t or have absolutely zero intention of going to the gym?)

TSM: “YASSS!! Haha, I honestly don’t think there is a day I don’t wear a bit of active-wear! For me though, it’s not about being styled. I wear it more as a guilty pleasure and not having to look too polished especially in the early mornings if the hubby and I are dying for a coffee or we are meeting friends at the park, and I can get away with running around and looking normal, without trashing my good clothes.

Jen “If you had to choose your top 3 stylish mama outfits what would they be?

TSM “ I think every mum needs one outfit they feel powerful in. Whether it’s sexy, dramatic or flirty.
I have this Lumino Dress from Zimmerman SS17, and my God, it is just divine. If I could wear it for the rest of my life I would.
My other two faves are my Derby Day dress I wore to the Spring Carnival last year because it was just so over the top I loved it, and the third would have to be this gorgeous Frankie and Dash Navy linen off the shoulder dress I wear all the time with sneakers and big hoop earrings”.

Jen “What’s the number one question your readers ask…and what’s the answer?

TSM “I get asked a lot about skincare and hair care (funnily enough) But the one question I get asked a lot is “How do you find all your purchases”
I think I get asked this because I don’t have a super mainstream “style” as such, maybe too because I have such mix of high end and high street fast fashion too. The answer though, is that for me fashion is my escape. I have been obsessed with fashion and magazines and style and international fashion since I can remember! I have always read the magazines, kept my eye on upcoming designers and worn things that you really need to try on before you buy them. I think people get a little bit stuck in “that will never suit me” or “I never have time to shop so I don’t” but my one thing I always remind my readers is that you can shop online and if it doesn’t fit- return it! Even in store too.

Jen: “What item of clothing can you NOT Iive without?

TSM: “I just bought these ridiculous Sophia Webster Butterfly heels in violet, which have been sitting pretty in my wardrobe for a few weeks now- love them.

Jen: “Why do you think so many Mama’s feel like they lose their sense of style?

TSM: I think because you just have to give so much of yourself to a child and you take that time off work, your life totally changes- motherhood is more of a story about survival then anything else. It’s really depressing to try and expect your amazing pre body to just return normal, and more often then not it won’t- for years, so I truly believe you just have to work with what you’ve got and flaunt all the things you love.


Stilettos or sneakers? I’m going to say sneakers- never thought I would but God I love a good pair of kicks with a skirt or dress at the moment!

Lipstick or Lip-gloss? Gloss all the way!

Hair: up or down? For me, up but on others, a blow-dry is so flattering

The movie or the book? Movie hehe I am so lazy

Champagne or Cocktails? Cocktails!

The one clothing item, pair of shoes or accessory that every stylish mama needs? An amazing pair of sunnies, it’ll liven up your face and make you feel incredible!!

Fave Australian Designer? Nicky Zimmermann (Zimmermann) Pip Edwards (PE nation) and Carly Brown (UNE Piece) all have been serious pioneers in Australian fashion.

On-line shopping or retail store? Ooooh tough one!! Both! I buy a lot of my designer stuff online because its just not accessible here in Brisbane, but God I love to physically shop! There’s nothing better.

Jeans or a dress? Dress always!

Night it or Night out? OUT! Haha I think if you asked any mama they might say the same thing hehe! I am a people person; I thrive on it 🙂

 You can follow Ellen on instagram @thestylistmama

#nothinglessthanchic xo


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