THE SPONTANEOUS  quality of a summer weekend getaway is a large part of the ‘mini-vacay appeal. The idea of nonchalantly tossing a few things into an overnight bag & throwing caution to the wind as a quick escape from reality, idyllic bliss.

But how do we ensure that our getaway is as stylish as it is whimsical?

The key to achieving a chic laid-back aesthetic (despite the temptation to pack for every possible scenario) is found in the age-old solution of less is more, so read on for your list of stylish essentials for the ultimate weekend away.
Sun, sand and sea await.

The beauty bag
There’s nothing relaxed or glamorous about a full face of melting makeup at the beach (the only thing we want you applying in generous amounts? Sunscreen).
A sweep of mascara, a touch of lip-gloss and a hint of bronzer are your weekend beauty bag essentials.
Get your glow on in advance with a little faux tan and on arrival let the sun gently plant its kiss on your skin

The weekend capsule
The secret? It’s all about selecting from the forever pieces in your wardrobe for truly, effortless style.
Stick to the list and you’ll be amazed at how little you actually need.

The summer sandal.
Opting for neutral tones that will sit back with your summertime colour palette,  a sandal is by far the easiest & most versatile choice, taking you from street to beach to bar.
If you plan on a little walking, pack your favourite pair of white sneakers and your shoes are sorted.

Relaxed white denim and a vintage or striped Breton tee.
This is the ultimate, “I just pulled this look together’ combination with the charm and ease of yesterday and the look of today.

oraclefox denim (1)

Summer escapes are far from complete without a dress that goes swish.  Throw it on over your swimwear or take it out for dinner. Whether you choose cool crisp whites or bohemian inspired prints, this is a staple for every weekend… home, or away! If you’re not a dress girl, simple separates are just as stylish and equally as versatile; a fluid wide leg pant or maxi skirt paired back with a stylish statement top will do the trick.

Take a dip.
Do you favour a classic one piece, or is something a little cheekier your preference? Either way,  this season choice is on your side as swimwear smartens up with options for every shape and every body. Give your one piece two lives and let it double as a top,  and if you dare to bare, your bikini separate will do the same

The finishing touch.
A silk scarf, a pair of sunglasses & this seasons ultimate, ‘if you buy just one thing’ basket or market bag tote, with a stylish sun hat will complete your weekend capsule.

Pack light, and keep it simple with the classics in mind. You’ll be packing like a pro,  with room for an essential read, your favourite bottle of wine and some take home souvenirs.






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