A few Stylish moments spent with Paris Fashion Week Hair Stylist, Cat Why. 

Describe your signature style
‘Easy going’ hair (soft waves a bit messy) baggy pants, a singlet and some Nike AF1s or Birkenstocks. I am hardly ever seen in heels and my hair is always very simple. I always make sure to have a good haircut to ensure I don’t have to put too much effort into styling my hair.

Who inspires your Style?
I am often asked this question, but I really cant say one person or even one brand. I love taking fashion advice from the people walking by me on the street, or on the London underground.
My favourite thing is to see someone else wearing something I like and build on that; hair, clothes or even make up. Sometimes fashion is a lot simpler than we think. We tend to complicate it way too much, just look around you, all the people in the street have their own style, try not to copy but create your own.

What was your defining moment in fashion?
Paris Fashion week would have to be a defining moment, also working for a London magazine and having the hair I created on gorgeous model Ferne McCann, published in a magazine was definitely a highlight of 2014.

What couldn’t you live without?
I couldn’t live without my family and friends supporting me and being my encouragement to chase my dreams.

What was the last thing you posted on Instagram?
The last thing I posted on instagram was a quote that says “Your only limit is you” Which is so true. It really pushes me to get outside my comfort zone and push harder for the things I want.

Who is your style crush?
My style crush has got to be Drew Ginsburg, she is the creative director of ‘Dylanlex jewelry’. The jewelry is to die for and what she wears always looks amazing. She always has such style that’s her own, really creative and different.

London or Paris?
This is such a hard one because I already live in London…. I would have to say Paris. Especially being there with my boyfriend because he speaks the enchanting language…it really is a treat to be able to speak in French also, it makes me feel very in love with the language, city, lights, style and fashion.

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