According to fashion’s latest read, How to be Parisian wherever you Are, the “French have an enthusiasm for transporting life into fiction”.

I met Cat Why some years ago and there was no denying this girl was fun and filled to the brim with energy and charisma. She was (and still is) one who carried with her an infectious enthusiasm for life. When I knew her back then, I had no idea that she was dreaming of Paris. Fashion week to be exact, and Cat, now based in London, this year found herself right in the middle of that dream.
Real life fiction! Paris Fashion Week.

I am very excited to hand over the reigns to Cat as a contributing editor this week, as she shares about her Parisian experience and some of the emerging trends from FW15/16. Meanwhile, I’m going to sit back and rekindle my own “city of lights” dream. “ au revoir” xo

“Hair dyers blowing, make up artists brushing. It’s only a matter of time before the mad rush.
Back stage at fashion week…. and what a week it is. The fashion, the glamour, the lights and the bright eyes of striking models lighting up as they see the outfits, make up and hair for the show coming to life. And work. Lots of hard work, despite the final look on the runway which indeed looks effortless.

This illusion of ‘effortless” – Trending this year at Paris Fashion Week was effortless hair. It is very Parisian to have you believe that women are born with flawless skin and perfected, although never immaculate, somewhat “messy” hair, and it was our job to introduce this woman. 

Keeping it natural – Apart from Kim Kardashian who showed up 2 days after Paris Fashion week had kicked off with the big “WOW” of her new bleach blonde hair, the majority of the models maintained natural coloured hair, with either fine feathered highlights or a solid colour similar to their own to add shine, all consistent and keeping in line with appearing effortlessly chic.

Perfected lengths – While the length of hair was varied, anywhere between shoulder length to reaching under the bra line, the most popular style by far was the “long bob” skimming underneath the collarbone with tousled ends and a few layers.
The long bob is the ultimate hair for all seasons. In winter it looks perfectly groomed worn down, with the added benefit of keeping our ears and neck warm, and for summer it is still long enough and easy enough to put up into a ponytail or bun for those days when it’s just too hot to wear it out. It’s a great lifestyle length, whether you are into yoga, gym, or just being Parisian.

Simplicity – for the shows I worked on, Léa Peckre and Chalayan, there were strictly no hair accessories as such, only hats. In my mind, there is no point in decorating your hair with headbands or jewellery when you have great hair.

Keep it simple girls.

x cat_why
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Lea Peckre Chalayan- Catwhy Chalayan- AW15 catwhy
Lea Peckre 2 runway


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