Meet Miss Ava.

My (very fabulous) first born babe.  Lucky for me this little beauty enjoys fashion as much as I do so we decided to work on a mini styling project together to celebrate Mothers Day 2015.

There is no question about it; Ava has already developed a style of her own, (many of my suggestions for our project ended up on the cutting room floor..)  and I have to admit sometimes I borrow from it!
Over the course of this week,  Ava  will be sharing her favourite outfits from her wardrobe for the Autumn / Winter season and showing us how she mixes and matches to make fashion a place of fun, play and creativity.

In the words of Miss Ava, “fashion is a fun way to show who you are but you should definitely be comfortable so that you can play and do all the things you love to do”.

Ava Grace.  My mini version of chic xo


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