Photo by Dave Blake Photographer - It’s indisputable that the fashion industry places exceptionally high demands on you, our model friends, to be polished and glowing at all times. Facing judgement is a part of your daily grind and ‘keeping up appearances’ while exhausting is one of the few constants that the industry offers you.

You know that staying healthy, fit and strong is key to managing grueling schedules and demands and just as your favourite pair of jeans and leather bomber are to your wardrobe, ‘wellness’ is at the core of a good foundation.

We know you are looking for ways to maintain flawless skin, hair, nails and shape, and lets not forget energy, but how do you navigate the multitudes of options available? Amidst the ‘maringa’, ‘bio-hacking’ (what does that even mean??), brain boosting supplements and knowing the difference between Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, it can all get a little overwhelming!

Rather than bog you down with the latest trends to hit the wellbeing and nutrition stand, I sought out some wisdom from my fab friend Bekk Milwood who spends her days advising babes just like you on how to live in optimum health.

As a Body Composition Specialist and Nutrition Coach, a.k.a “guru”, she knows her stuff, and according to Bekk, “staying healthy is always going to be about making the right choices and planning ahead and to be operating on all cylinders your body needs a combination of quality nutrition, hydration, sleep exercise and a positive mindset”.

So read on for Bekk’s top tips on staying healthy; Mind, body, soul and spirit!

  1. Get Quality Sleep– the amount of sleep you need differs from person to person and body type to body type. This cannot be stressed enough. It is during sleep that your hormones repair and rejuvinate your body. No sleep = early and rapid ageing (which nobody wants!).
  2. Eat Whole Foods – You’ve heard it a million times, and certainly if you are in the body business you will already know the importance of natural and whole foods.
  3. Steer clear of anything processed, packaged, or anything with “ingredients”. You want to be eating the original ingredient.

Processed foods lead to inflammation which leads to chronic health diseases and disorders, not to mention gut issues, bloating, swelling and breakouts! Maintain a healthy gut and your skin, metabolism and headspace will reap the rewards.

  1. Stay hydrated– our bodies are approximately 60% water. Skin, muscles, organs and your brain are all full of it and they need at least 2L or 8 cups of water a day to function. Just as you sweat when you work out, you will under all those lights so you may need to up the dose. If you are worried about getting a full belly, just keep it to small amounts consistently but do not let yourself dehydrate, superficially it can lead to dry or flushed skin, but more severely, you could have seizures, get blood clots or worse…
  2. Keep Moving – Movement will keep your metabolism working for you
  3. Mindset Matters– Engage with a like-minded community, rediscover your passions and live life to the full.  It can be tempting to sit on the iPhone in your downtime but try to engage in real life as much as possible.  Journaling may be a more productive and inspiring way to spend your downtime.

You can follow Bekk on instagram @bekkmillwood

Written by me for All My Friends Are Models
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