IT’S A MAD DASH out the door and unlike the occasional supermarket run you are guarenteed to see people you know; (although lets be honest its the days when you duck out in your PJ’s complete with bed hair that you will bump into someone you know… but we digress) Conversations will be started and there is the potential of an impromptu coffee date to follow. Yep its the daily school run and getting dressed for this non-occasion of occasions can be the first mind boggling decsion of the day that contributes to the morning rush despite your very best efforts.

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear is a dilemma we’ve all faced and some of us continue to face in spite of regular additions in an attempt to solve the problem. It’s fashion’s vicious cycle.
The key is to develop the skill of creating your own “off duty” style or uniform; the dress code that looks effortless but essentially is not, as it requires a little prior thought and planning to successfully pull it off

1. The (minimum) 3 product make up rule. Choose your essentials. For me, it’s mascara, lipgloss, a subtle sweeping of blush or bronzer and a concealer on the days that I need it. Once you have your routine down pat, its nothing more than a 2-3 minute exercise and totally worth every second.
2. Keep it simple. Style doesn’t have to be complicated so don’t make it harder than it needs to be.
3. Ensure your wardrobe has a good selection of pieces that are timeless and classic and that go with at least 2-3 other items in your wardrobe.
4. Know what you love, what you are comfortable in and (most importantly) what you feel good in. (and by comfortable we don’t mean your ratty old tee that you have had for too long to remember and keep for sentimental reasons).

Here are some of the pieces that are the backbone of my wardrobe (you’re welcome!) and when it comes to these style gems, go for quality over quantity every time because they will be on high rotation.
1. A great white tee and a great white shirt (of course if you prefer variations in colour, go with those) and remember a classic blue and white stripe will never let you down.
2. The perfect denim jeans and remember fit is everything.
3. A pair of ‘semi’ tailored shorts or a skirt that goes with everything!
4. An oversized shirt
5. A wide leg pant in a soft fluid fabric
6. A statement flat, a pair of leather sandals and a sneaker of choice.
7. A dress that you can literally wear as a ‘throw and go’… easy breezy.
8. A range of accessories, statement earrings, belts and scarves (elevate that loose ponytail!)

What you will notice about these items is that they all go together! Everything here will go with at least 2-3 other items on the list. Its one of style’s best kept secrets… and it shouldn’t be so secret.

AND… here is your inspiration! Because who doesn’t love great style on show to demonstrate exactly how it can be done

#nothinglessthanchic xo

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