Swap out your stilettos for a little white sneaker? You’ve just caught my attention.
When comfort and versatility stylishly collide in the universe of fashion, women everywhere stand up in unity and applaud… and that’s exactly why ‘sneakers with ….everything’  (well almost) has moved from the trend status to that of an enduring style staple.

A full proof solution for elevating your off duty style, the perfect pair of sneakers will accompany you effortlessly for an impromptu lunch with the girls, save your soles from a crazy schedule that keeps you running between various social events, and for the busy entrepreneur who has earned the luxury of ditching her heels for her day job, will keep you on right on track.

Consider pairing them back with your day dress to give it multiple personalities and why not try the winning combination of sneakers and a metallic pleated skirt? And for one of my personal fav’s, finish the sentence…. blazer, tee, distressed denim and… yep you guessed it… a little white sneaker!

There’s no question that denim and sneakers will forever be
childhood sweethearts, but the friendship circle has certainly expanded with sneakers stretching the wardrobe boundaries like never before. Keep them squeaky clean and your laces pristine and your sneakers will take you just about anywhere in complete style and comfort! It’s like taking your feet ‘first class’!

Need some visuals? Cast your eyes below for some styled inspiration.

Nothing less than chic xo