YOU MIGHT remember our interview earlier this year with The Stylist Mama who I confessed rescued me at an event from my awkward “I’m here alone’ moment.
Well there were actually two gorgeous women who were a part of my rescue plan and this beautiful lady Fabiola Richards, founder of Amor and Grace, was my other heroine but this lady it turns out, has become a heroine of a different kind to many a pregnant mama; a wardrobe heroine.

With her fabulous street style inspired range of maternity wear, influenced by our culture of an easygoing lifestyle, every piece in the amor and grace collection is perfect for taking new mamas from pregnancy into motherhood. But this is a brand that is fueled by a greater purpose (as if making you feel good wasn’t amazing enough). Fabiola is not only determined to make you feel beautiful in motherhood, but also to create a brand with a greater impact. If you know me, you know how inspired I am by women who step into their brilliance and do it in style, so of course my rescue mission turned into a little more conversation about that, with some fun along the way, and the realisasion that we had met before, several times… yes, another awkward moment, but we don’t need to draw attention to my terrible memory, thats another story! )
Enjoy xo

You made a significant shift in making the transition from the corporate life in finance to creating your own business; what was the first item of clothing you happily ditched from your corporate uniform? 

Definitely the button up shirts! I tried to avoid them but the couple I had left have never made it back into my wardrobe.

 Has your sense of style changed since both becoming a Mum and embarking on the adventure of working for yourself? 

 Absolutely it has!
My style now is definitely more casual, oversized and comfortable! I opt for flats over heels and can now get basic make up on in about 5 minutes.

 You are a Mum and a successful businesswoman; what are your go to outfits on your busiest of days?

 A good pair of jeans is a must. I invest in a couple of quality tees or tops each season and a pair of sneakers (I have a couple of Frankie4s that I live in at the moment) for the run around.
I didn’t own many sneakers pre kids but they’re on the daily rotation now!

 If you had to choose your top 3 stylish new mama outfits what would they be?

 I say over and over if you’re pregnant or a new mama to invest in staples in easy to pair colours (neutrals work well) that can be layered up for variety.

So, a quality pair of comfy jeans if you’re pregnant in the cooler months, a dress to show off your bump and a midi skirt for the days you want to free your legs would be my three must haves; then you can go to town layering with the colours and prints of the season in regular clothing, and wear them again down the track.
And when it’s cooling down, finish off with a bright jacket or cardi for a pop of colour and fun.

What item of clothing can you NOT Iive without? 

 Definitely my jeans or jogger pants as the weather *starts* to cool down.

 Why do you think so many Mums feel like they lose their sense of style? 

 I think it comes down to less time for yourself, less time to  actually shop, try clothes on and then add to that, the additional time it takes day to day just to get ready!
Also a new body and shape to style adds another layer of difficulty because 99% of us don’t bounce back immediately or into the same shape, and as a result we end up with a wardrobe that no longer fits or works with our new body #mumlife!

 What is your favourite Mummy hack?

 Invest in accessories – earrings, scarves, shoes, etc. You’ll spend more time in ‘casual wear’ after having a baby. So mix it up with some items that won’t break the bank.

 What are your 3 must have items for new mums from your range?

  1. Ooooh we constantly get positive reviews on our Demi jeans. They were the reason we delayed our launch by about 4 weeks so we could resample and make them perfect! 
  2. Our Brooklyn or Capri Midi Dress – it’s a style that works for most.
  3. I love our Boss tee even now that I’m beyond the bump and feeding days. 

Tell us about the charity that your business supports. Your business is about a whole lot more than simply making a living. What’s the greater purpose behind it?

It didn’t seem complete to launch a business with it being an extension to help others along the way. And so we thought long and hard about who we could support – an organisation that would assist women in an empowering way and very practically. Since launch we have supported Share the Dignity, a not for profit organisation supporting women who have fled domestic violence. It’s a daily issue in our country needing immediate attention and we are so glad we can support in a practical way.


(DISCLAIMER….These answers would have been pretty different pre-kids! :)

 Stilettos or sneakers? Sneakers
Lipstick or Lip-gloss? Lip gloss
Hair: up or down? Up
The movie or the book? Movie
Champagne or Cocktails? Cocktails – champagne gives me a headache!
The one clothing item, pair of shoes or accessory that every stylish mama needs? An everyday dress you can dress up or down
Fave Aussie Designer Rebecca Vallance, Zimmerman or Thurley
On-line shopping or retail store?  Online
Jeans or a dress? Both?
Night it or Night out? Night out – don’t get enough of those!

You can follow Amor and Grace over at instagram @amorandgrace

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