It wouldn’t be fashion if rules weren’t being broken and style lines & genres blurred. Could it be that these two elements are in fact the only consistent rules by which fashion lives and breathes?

It is as true now as it was when Yves Saint Laurent revolutionised women’s fashion with the introduction of his ‘Le Smoking’ collection in Paris, 1966. The first tuxedo designed for women and a serious rival to the little black dress.
A definitive turning point for the industry,  the lines between what belonged in a woman’s wardrobe and what belonged in a mans, no longer clear; confirming the place of androgynous dressing as a legitimate style for women.

Fast forward to now and sportswear is luxe; man-style pieces are as essential as a striped breton tee, and lingerie is no longer a mystery to be unveiled as it peeks through for the sheer delight of it all and is courageously worn by the brave in statement making style; the hero of an otherwise conservative outfit.

A classic white shirt is deemed incomplete without the subtle reveal of a little black strap; lace trims our daily on-duty style and effortlessly transports us from day into the night.

Inspired by the secrets of Victoria’s Angels, we have come out from under the covers. Street style has us putting our prettiest pieces on show for the paparazzi and the boudoir is left in a haze of wonder and bewilderment as to where the mystique has gone.

Style has told a new love story and prince charming is nowhere to be found.

It’s no longer simply what lies beneath…..

Its nothing less than chic xo


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