‘WHEN AUTUMN calls, our sixth fashion sense starts a new chorus of singing the blues; yes it’s that time of year where we can legitimately step back into our favourite pair of denim jeans.
Off duty style never felt so good…until the moment you realise that your old faithfuls have seen better days and the search for a new pair is imminent…” (Jen Sellan for Stylehunter)

I am about to make the announcement that many of you have been waiting for. “This season the new denim is a little less on the skinny side,” (She roars!)
It is no secret that our denim jeans are at the top of the list when it comes to our wardrobe essentials, effortlessly forming the backbone of many a great outfit.
Replacing them though is up there with shopping for a swimsuit, necessary and evil, but this season we can breathe a little easier; Widen your horizons; think relaxed & easy silhouettes; straight cuts, and wider legs and deep indigo hues adding a little more polish

While the welcome party is underway finding the right fit and cut remains your No.1 priority, so while you navigate the racks, stick to the fit tips below and although they were written a few moons ago now when I was writing for Stylehunter, the truth remains and will set you free from unnecessary fitting room tantrums and into calm, deep blue seas.

#It takes time. Unless you are fresh off the runway, choosing a pair of jeans is rarely a quick trip! With so many styles and fit options available, patience and the knowledge that you may feel like you are never going to the leave the change room will go a long way. Grab the most brutally honest girl from your tribe with the promise of a glass of bubbly (of the expensive kind) before the days end. Its time to hit the shops.

#It’s a process of elimination. Do your research and find a department or speciality store with a great selection of brands and styles. Sift through the shelves and find 3 or 4 styles / cuts that you like the look and feel of, grab at least 2 or 3 sizes of each, (especially if it’s a brand you haven’t previously worn) and begin the process of elimination.

#There is this minor point of being able to breath. Yes you should buy your jeans firm, but don’t feel like you have to squeeze in to a size that you may in fact put your bum through in an attempt to sit down or even move.
If you can’t comfortably move toward sitting position, (the squat test) chances are these are not your perfect pair; another rule of thumb that will come in handy in your decision making; the gap between the waist of the jean and your body should be no smaller than an inch
Fit is everything!

#Don’t be fixated on size. A size 10 in one brand can be a size 12 in another. LET IT GO and buy the pair that fits you best. This is one of those situations where size doesn’t matter! It really is about how you feel, not about what the size says on the tag and if it really bothers you that much, cut it off when you get home.





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