NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS AND MILAN… There isn’t a fashion week season that goes by where you won’t find me daydreaming about sitting front row, rubbing shoulders with fashion’s elite and waiting with great anticipation as the music begins and the models take those first steps onto the catwalk.
I love the runway.

In recent years, there have been whispers questioning the continued relevance (and neccesity) of fashion week; for many, it is so far from reality that it fails to practically translate and then of course there are the issues that require ongoing discussion and change including the important conversations around race, size and gender equality.

But why not, just for a moment, enjoy it for it’s whimsy and fantasy.
Take a moment to appreciate the skill and hours of dedication that go into each and every design; the designs that inspire the decisoins behind what you choose to wear every single day and what is chosen for you season after season by some of your favourite retailers.

Just for a moment, allow fashion to be a space that inspires confidence; a place of play, creativity and aspiration and let curiosity get the better of you.

Take another look xo

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