INTRODUCING THE VISION A global collective championing the value and identity that belongs to every daughter who graces the runway and stands in the frame. #fashionsdaughters

The fashion industry. One of my greatest loves and curiosities and  an industry that I am continually surprised and bewildered by. Complexity and contradiction find their home here.
As a stylist I have the priviledge of working closely alongside fashion models, or as I  affectionately refer to them, ‘fashion’s daughters’. These are the girls who bring the vision of fashion’s artisans to life and working with them has stirred in me something greater.

This is for fashion’s daughters.

This space belongs to the daughters who call fashion their home; for connection and community.
We have called it Eve.
Derived from the Hebrew, Eve means ‘to breathe’ and “to live” and here you will be given the room to do just that as you discover a place where you can unapologetically be yourself, find purpose in your beauty and your purpose beyond it.

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Jen xo