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If I had to choose 3 key pieces for the A/W15 season, what would they be? Tough question for a stylist and lover of pretty new things, but lets be honest we are all on a budget of some description and being savvy about our purchasing for a new season just makes sense!

So before embarking on this challenge, lets have a quick chat about how our lifestyle will influence how we buy and the decisions we make about the introduction of new pieces into our wardrobe .

One of the first things I do with my clients when working with them one on one is to gain some insight and understanding around their lifestyle – what does your reality look like – your day to day activity?
What percentage of  time is spent working outside of the home? At home? At the gym? (etc etc).
Why do I ask this question? Because  lifestyle is a great indicator of where we need to invest our money when it comes to creating a functional (and stylish) wardrobe.
There is no point in having a wardrobe full of amazing cocktail dresses when in reality you may only attend one cocktail event per year. They might look pretty hanging in your wardrobe or closet but that’s pretty much the only function they will serve.

Realistically, your top 3 might look significantly different from mine so I have chosen pieces that are both versatile and stylish and that will elevate your style status.

Autumn Winter Top Picks for 2015.

A Long line grey cardigan or coat
There are two things I am loving about the current Autumn/Winter Season; The perfect “shades of Grey” and Tailoring.
While a cardigan is not in itself considered a tailored piece, a style that has long clean lines gives a sense of structure and modern sophistication. It takes your outfit from beyond the comfort of the couch.
If your lifestyle or personal style is reflective of a little more structure, a grey coat is the perfect alternative to a more casual option. It’s versatile and you can dress it up or take it down a little when you are “off-duty”.  It’s all in the styling!

I recently wrote an article for Stylehunter about choosing the perfect winter boot and to quote myself “A great pair of boots is to your AW15 shoe collection, what the crisp white button down shirt is to your everyday; an anchor to style”.
Whether you prefer an ankle boot, or a pair that is thigh high, the beauty of the boot is it’s versatility. If you need to dress it up a little, a higher heel will replace your stiletto in the work place, and if you are after something a little more practical but still fabulous, a lower or completely flat boot will more than do the trick. Quite simply, “buy the boot!”.

Add a little flare
I am OBSESSED with a little flare…. If you followed any of MBFWA lat week, like me your heart is possibly skipping a little beat in memory of the Ellery opener. Whether you prefer the subtly of a boot cut, or are open to maximum effect, the cut of the flared pant  plays the perfect balancing act!

It’s the versatility in these three pieces that give them their value; versatile in terms of the countless ways they can be styled, and also in their ability to be dressed up and played down depending on your lifestyle.

Think of them like the 3 essential ingredients to achieving a wardrobe that is nothing less than chic xo

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