amaze autumn imageAutumn. The transitional period between summer and winter; crisp mornings, cool nights, glorious days. Golden Autumn hues covering the footpaths and leaves crunching under our feet.
And just as we allow ourselves to get swept up in the romantic notion of it all, our daydream comes to a grinding halt as we face the dilemma of what to wear! Dressing for the “in-between” seasons can be genuinely frustrating because by the time they come around we are well and truly over the extremes and in Autumn’s case, ready to pack summers’ loves away and bring out winter’s moods…. and  boots!

The key to a stylish transition?  Layering and Clever combinations.

Tired of the white lace dress? Try pairing it back with a great pair of ankle boots and throw a bomber jacket or blazer over your shoulder to take you into the night; why not tie a jacket around the waist of your summer maxi for day;
Not quite cool enough for jeans during the day? Take your cut off denim shorts and wear them with a silk or light cotton long sleeve shirt or top, and replace your sandals with a pointed stiletto; couldn’t resist buying the sleeveless camel coloured coat despite the fact it was 36 degrees outside? Belt it for night, or throw it over something light.
Creative Clever Combinations. The key to the perfect transition.

It’s nothing less than chic xo

nadja bender for Ele france arch 2015 photo jean bapttiste mondinowhite lace with boots perfect transitionitslatingirl.tumblr.com73_Quince-amp-MulberryStudios_ProjectSPFtie a denim jacket over a summe maxilayering key 2 transitionlayering is key perfect transition

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