It’s officially the age of the “selfie” and it’s become quite the art,  So in light of helping you put your best ‘face’ forward here are our top tips to taking a “selfie” like a ‘pro’.

#1 Know your best angle! We all have a ‘best side’.  Play with angles; tip your head left, tip it right; hold the camera slightly above your head; practice makes perfect! #knowyourangle

#2 Consider your lighting. Natural light is always best and if you are taking your ‘selfie’ inside, try and stand next to a window to take advantage of the light streaming in #lightitup

#3 Use filters to set the mood; Two of our favourites are Valencia for it’s soft vintage / romantic glow and Mayfair for it’s colour enhancement #chooseyourmood

#4 Be Spontaneous! don’t overthink it and have some fun; your followers will love to have some insight into the ‘real’ you. #spontaneitywins

Selfies. “People will stare. Make it worth their while”…

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