Loathe Winter’s bulky knits and heavy oversized silhouettes?
Stay warm with a few simple tricks that will keep you looking stylish, chic and cosy.

  1. Wear Several Light Layers to avoid that feeling of heaviness, the additional benefit being that when you transition out of the cold into the office, shopping centres or your favourite restaurants you can easily peel off a layer or two to adjust to the temperatures.
  1. Choose your fabrics wisely. If you don’t like wearing a lot of layers,  opt for natural lightweight fabrics.
    Cashmere is the perfect example, or why not try Alpaca Wool? Both of these options are natural, lightweight fabrics that will breathe and keep you super warm and cosy without the weight.
  1. Keeping your neck, head and feet warm is key. Invest in a felt fedora for winter, grab yourself a scarf and of course winter wouldn’t be complete without a great pair of boots.
  1. Finally, if you really suffer the cold, grab yourself some thermals; Again, choose a silk or fine wool thermal to maximise the warmth factor. Effective in keeping you warm, thermals sit close to the skin providing protection from the cold without too many layers.
    Pop them under a lightweight top and pull out your favourite coat or blanket wrap and kiss the cold goodbye.Winter. Don’t let the cold get in the way of being nothing less than chic xo




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