IT WOULDN’T be a new season without a conversation about how we can revitalise our wardrobe favourites and far from complete if we failed to include in our little pow-wow a chat about our baby blues.

We have successfully navigated our way through yet another season with our boyfriends and we would be crazy to end this enduring love affair; they have truly become our most comfortable staple, but how do we keep things interesting and steer away from an overdose of familiarity?

The answer? Keep it personal. Make it your own; whether its patchwork, studs or intricate embroidery, if you can’t bear to part ways, personalisation is the key to putting a personal stamp on your style and keeping things fresh and far from predictable. Who knows, you might discover some previously hidden designer tendencies!

Don’t be rid of the fray as it is still very much a part of the denim game and whether or not skinny’s are featured in your favourite fashion editorials there is no doubting their continued place alongside a killer stiletto heel,  a blazer and a blow dry; but the real revival is likely to be found in three very familiar numbers to those of us born post 1980! 501’s; and I for one will be revisiting the button fly, mid-rise straight leg vintage…..

If you find pockets over-rated then do away with them leaving the imprint behind.
Don’t be afraid to try a wide leg crop, you might just be surprised and for the girl who enjoys a shoe that takes her to giddying heights, they are the  perfect choice.

And finally if denim on denim is speaking to your style, according to Elle the IT Girl Denim Formula looks something like this;

  1. Boyfriend Jean √
  2. Denim Tunic √
  3. Sporty Denim Parker √  (and in our opinion complete with the addition of:
  4. Denim Shirt √  &
  5. Denim Jacket √

So amongst a multitude of options, the key is to choose the pieces that feel exactly like you; and once you’ve found it, own it.
Denim. Can’t live without it.


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